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Who are we?

From a modest beginning some thirty (30) years ago, WEST INDIES SYNTHETICS LIMITED now boasts of being the largest plastic and foam manufacturer in the English Speaking Caribbean.

The company presently manufactures a vast array of institutional (disposable) items namely:

  • Straws
    - Sani-wrapped
    - Plain
  • Bags:
    - High density & low density trash bin liners
    - High density poly bags - Plain & Printed
    - Low density poly bags - Plain & Printed
    - Fish bags
  • Film:
    - For shrinking
    - For planting (Mulch)
    - For bunting (Advertising)
  • Plastic containers:
    - 7oz., 9oz, 12oz, 16oz Cups
    - 3.5oz., 8oz., 16oz., 32oz., 64oz. Ice cream containers
    - 9" & 6" Plastic plates
  • Waterboots (Galoshes) for agricultural purposes:
    - Ankle high, calf high, knee high
  • Foam containers:
    - 8oz. foam cups
    - Hinged boxes - 1, 2, 3 compartment (large and medium)
    - Egg cartons (Soon to be produced)
    - Meat and produce trays (#1, #1.5, #2, #2S, #4S, #4D, #10S)
    - 9" & 6" Plates
    - Hoagie boxes (Curry goat)
    - Padded trays (New project)
  • Injection Moulded Items:
    - Buffet forks
    - Picnic forks and spoons
    - 7oz. Glass crystal tumbler (10oz. To be made)
    - 10oz. Poly cups
  • Pete Bottles:
    - 600ml.
    - 475ml.
    - 330ml.
    - (Other sizes to be manufactured shortly)

Ideally located in the uncongested Industrial Belt of Spanish Town, Jamaica, West Indies Synthetics is judged a corner stone industry contributing to the economic stability of the country, with a workforce of over 250 staff members that are highly trained in the execution of their day to day duties. Total customer service is at the forefront of the company's objectives, and this is why West Indies Synthetics Limited truly believes that success will be achieved through continued investment in human resources and technology. With a solid management team the company has grown from strength to strength and is poised for new conquests. The company's success also rests with its caring stance. WISYNCO Environmental was established some time ago to reduce, recycle and reuse plastics. Today most of the Pete Bottles used in Jamaica are collected, ground and re-exported to the U.S.A.

The company currently exports to the Caricom region, Puerto Rico and Miami. All foam products manufactured by the company are CFC free and all materials used in Plastic and foam production are (USA) FDA approved.

By employing service, quality and competitive pricing - the key success factors, WEST INDIES SYNTHETICS LIMITED, the flagship unit of the REDOUBTABLE WISYNCO GROUP OF COMPANIES is poised for greater success.